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I saw angerfish's tags and I had to make the crossover even if it's already been made or whatever here's some scribbles

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Kite City - concept art for Guild Wars 2

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my kind of man ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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"Not everything, and especially, not everyone, deserves every piece of you, every single time."
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the end of volume one was so intense

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Having a skype call with your best friend


me: *goes to bed at 5am*

me: *is shocked, angry and doesnt understand why i keep waking up at noon*

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vine trends that need to stop:

  • screaming in public places
  • white people saying nigga
  • scaring/hurting animals
  • making people uncomfortable on purpose to try and be awkward
  • harassing the homeless

disrespecting your mother

harassing people who work in the customer service industry

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●Why, hello there.●
I'm Vii :D (Or so I like to refer myself to on the internet) Spontaneous, friendly, kinda weird but who isn't?

Umm...It's just a blog that I will reblog/post stuff that I find interesting, like and/or amusing XD and occasionally blurbs about stuff >.> so through that you can get a sense of what and who I am like :)

I'm currently a student studying Digital Animation, aiming to be more of a matte painter/environments. Blog of my works below :)

Other than that, feel free to wander through my pages XD